Edgar Salazar

Shipmaster of the Wharf District


Shipmaster Edgar Salazar is one of the six members of the Port Nasal City Council, representing the Wharf District. Acting as the city’s Master of Ships for nearly fifteen years, Salazar has managed to keep the harbor running smoothly despite the ever growing amount of traffic the city sees on a daily basis.

Salazar begun his career with the Dock Worker’s Union, rising through the ranks as a charismatic and inspiring leader. Eventually, he quelled the rivalry the Union had with the Port Authority, and managed to bring the two organizations together into an alliance which stands to this day.

Though his skills are evident to anyone who listens to one of his speeches, rumors persist that he didn’t become the leader of the Wharf District alone. Many believed that he had members of the Thieves Guild backing him up, and that they secretly ran everything on the docks behind the scenes. Even after the Guild’s apparent destruction, many question where Salazar’s loyalties truly lie.


Edgar Salazar

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