Jason Belmont

Commander of the Foundry District


Commander Jason Belmont is one of the six members of the Port Nasal City Council, representing the Foundry District. Nicknamed ‘The Bull’, Belmont and his militia are mostly responsible for keeping the city’s enemies at bay prior to the wall being built and are currently considered the strongest military force in the city. Belmont often acts as the city’s Master of War during combat, and often advises on matters relating to defense and military action.

Belmont himself is a large and imposing man. Rarely seen without his trademark black armor, Belmont cuts the figure of a military leader perfectly. His grizzled face reflects his experience and wisdom, while his toned and muscular body defines strength and power. The men under his command, deemed the Forged Militia, are zealous in their devotion to him, and would march under his orders without hesitation.

Belmont got his start as the leader of a mercenary company based in Port Nasal. Despite the city’s corruption and overwhelming criminal influence, Belmont decided to fight for change alongside others like Paige and Leon Cornetto in the hopes of improving the city for all. In doing so, Belmont secured his standing in the eyes of the city’s populace, and transformed the Foundry District into what it is today.


Jason Belmont

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