Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild


Many-faced Mercer is the charismatic and pragmatic leader of the Port Nasal Thieves Guild. Though he appears flamboyant and aloof to many onlookers, anyone who has seen his real face knows this is just a very successful deception.

Mercer began his career like most in the business, but it was his master understanding of perception which allowed him to outplay his opponents and rise to power. A fondness for figureheads, Mercer originally accepted the position of assistant Guildmaster, allowing his childhood friend and partner Brandon to adopt the persona of Guildmaster. Mercer would repeat this strategy again, Installing Edgar Salazar as the Wharf District’s Leader and allowing the Guild to run things behind the scenes.

This gambit would prove successful when the other city leader’s enacted their beautification project, all but wiping out the Thieves Guild and killing the believed leader, Brandon. Having nearly lost everything, Mercer has now turned to the consultant group, The Clergy, to help rebuild the Guild and recover control of the Wharf District.



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