Nathan Paige

Minister of the Civil Ward District


Minister Nathan Paige is one of the six members of the Port Nasal City Council, representing the Civil Ward District. He has shown himself to be a calm minded individual willing to listen to his opponents in order to find non-violent solutions to most of the city’s problems. While unable to stretch his influence past his own boarders, his policies and work has helped build the Civil Ward into a model district.

Paige is currently in his early fifties, having ascended to political power over twenty years ago. Due to unknown injuries suffered in the past, he currently walks with a limp, and has been known to suffer from fatigue when under prolonged stress. He is nearly always seen in official red council robes, and rarely flaunts his wealth with expensive jewelry or other adornments. His demeanor and political accomplishments have earned him the respect of his people, and allowed him to win the council elections fives times in a row. (He is widely considered to be the only council member to fairly earn his seat at the table)

Despite his lack of military experience, the members of the Civil Watch respect his decisions and would follow him into battle whenever asked. Watch Captain Kima is often seen by his side acting as his right hand, and under her leadership the small band of city militia have evolved into a truly inspiring city guard. Their joint effort has managed to keep the Civil Ward free of any great incidents in nearly fourteen years.


Nathan Paige

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