Vito Cornetto

Don of the Agricultural District


Don Vito Cornetto is one of the six members of the Port Nasal City Council, representing the Agricultural District. Vito was forced to replace his father, Leon Cornetto, as a sitting council member after an attempted assassination left the Cornetto Patriarch in a coma. Vito has managed to not only replicate his father’s ruthless efficiency in managing their crime family, but has also continued to expand the humanitarian policies governing the family’s district.

While only seventeen years old, Vito has already gained the respect of his men and many of those within his district. He oversees a number of underbosses who in turn manage the family’s many criminal rackets, including protection, smuggling, counterfeiting, and drug trafficking among many others. Like his father before him, Vito ensures that the profits and resources from these ventures go towards strengthening and securing the district. Due to this, many civilians living in the Agricultural District have come to see him as a benevolent overlord, rather than a mere criminal.

Recently, much of Vito’s attention has been on the Wharf District in his attempt to uncover and route the small remainder of the Thieve’s Guild. Due to his limited options, Vito had his men harassing anyone they could on the Docks in hopes it would cause his quarry to surface, but now things have begun to escalate beyond what he finds acceptable. This has cause a rift to form between him and some of his underbosses, causing him to look outward for assistance in his activities.

Vito rarely bothers attending city council meetings, and his sister Pauline often sits in his place. She has shown herself to be intelligent, confident, and capable of performing the necessary administrative needs for her people. But with the war between districts ratcheting up in scale, few believe Vito can avoid weighing in officially for much longer.


Vito Cornetto

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