The Trials of Kay'ess

Extra, Extra, Read all About It

The crowd gathering around the notice boards was already stifling, and the mass of bodies was only growing by the second. Civilians and adventurer’s alike pushed and shoved to get close to the feline woman standing over them. As a young guttersnipe ran beneath his feet, the man instinctively reached for his coin purse before pausing. He could still feel the weight of the leather pulling against his belt, no need to tip his hand and reveal it’s location over nothing.

Pulling his coat tight and peering out from beneath his low hanging hat, the man peered at the woman attempting to calm the crowd down. A few troublemakers in the back refused to get the message, but a wave of silence washed over the rest of the onlookers.

“People, people, please… There is no need to push. I bring you good news!” Ying’s voice rang out across the Civil Square as the crowd stared intently toward her. “Just this morning, the extended council voted unanimously to elect a temporary High Chancellor to oversee the City Council. It’s my great pleasure to inform you that the Civil Ward’s own Nathan Paige has been elected to the position!”

A great roar of applause rose from the mass of people, and Ying nearly toppled backward from atop her crate. Regaining her balance, she began motioning for the crowd to quiet and had to wait nearly a full minute before she could continue.

“Yes, we at the Adventurer’s League are overjoyed to know the city is in good hands with its temporary leader. However, the position will not be official until a majority of the Council itself votes in support of the decision.”

“Sadly, to complicate matters, one of the Council members has disappeared. Vito Cornetto, leader of the Agricultural District, has reportedly fled the city amidst a supposed power-struggle within his own faction, along with allegations that he aided the Thieves Guild in their attack on the Arcane Ward!”

Boos erupted from the crowd as other began to shout curses toward the Cornetto Family. Ying silenced the mass far quicker this time with a loud clap and a deafening roar of her own. As a few of the pedestrians at the front shrunk back in fear, she resumed her speech.

“We’ll have non of that. Until these allegations are cleared up and Vito is found, his sister Pauline Cornetto has stepped in as his proxy. However, the regulations of the City impose a mandatory two month grace period for all newly appointed council members, so her vote on this matter is considered forfeit.”

Murmurs began spreading around the crowd. The man heard whispers of worry surrounding the other Council Members. Belmont and Paige’s feud would likely lead to his forfeit of a vote as well, meaning Paige would need all three of the remaining member’s support to keep his new position.

“Regardless…” Ying’s voice cut through the murmurs and the crowd soon went quiet once more, “Chancellor Paige has already made steps to reconcile the tragic events that occurred in the Arcane District two nights ago. His quick allocation of the Civil Watch and volunteers from the Adventurer’s League has lead to more than half of the lost and stolen goods being recovered, as well as the capture of nearly a dozen members of this Thieves Guild resurgence. He vows to capture the rest quickly, and clean our city of their villainy once and for all.”

“The Chancellor also wishes to extend his personal thanks to a group of individuals he says were invaluable to preventing future harm during the tragic events of the past few weeks. You may have seen these men wandering the city— two elves by the name of Edramar and Rainmar, a halfling known as Brin, and a human who goes by the moniker Randy. While the Chancellor kept the details of their involvement secret, he did have one thing to say. He told our own Storm Cloaks to watch their backs, for the City of Port Nasal may have found itself a new group of heroes!”

The crowd around him exploded once again into cheers and applause as the man began to push his way out to the street. The news was about what he expected, although he never imagined the council would make a decision like that so quickly. Such is the power of the weapon, he thought to himself. As he pulled his coat tighter and ducked down an alleyway, Vito allowed himself one final look back to the crowd surrounding the Adventurer’s League.

“Too late to turn back now, old chap. The first part of the plan went down without a hitch, now it’s time for phase two…” The former Council Member slunk into the shadows, disappearing without a soul noticing his presence as the cheers echoed throughout the entirety of the Civil Ward for hours.



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