Creating a replacement Character

Sometimes the life of a reluctant rail-roaded adventurer can be a little rough. Luckily, you have the option of throwing away that tired old nobody for that fresh hotness you’ve been thinking about for the past week. How do you do it, you ask? The process is simple.

Replacement characters start with half (rounded up) of the experience points your current character has racked up. they begin with all starting equipment their class/background gives them along with 200 extra gold to purchase a few new toys. They may begin with the standard stat amounts in the PHB, or use a point-buy for custom stats (using standard point-buy rules).

Replacement characters must be of a race located in the PHB (unless otherwise approved by the DM) and cannot possess a flying level at level 1. Replacement character’s class must be from the PHB, but all archetypes and subclasses located in official books are allowed (unless otherwise stated by the DM)

Now that you know the basics of creating a new character, why don’t you begin planning your next one now! Don’t even think about the horrible way the DM will retire your current character, that won’t matter to Mr. New Guy! Ha ha ha!

Standard Point Buy Rules: Available Points – 27
Maximum Attribute Before Racial Bonus – 15
Minimum Attribute Before Racial Bonus – 8

Point Buy Calculator

Creating a replacement Character

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